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Key 3 Media has joined forces with award-winning design studio Squeak to form a full service marketing agency. More people, more expertise and the same great level of service. Check out our new site.

About Key 3 Media

We are a friendly, professional bunch of marketers, designers and grammar geeks. We cut out the smoke and mirrors sometimes associated with our industry. Tell us about your company and its goals and we will provide a choice of effective marketing options for you or a strategy if you want us to handle everything.
We’re serious about getting results, but also have fun as a happy team is a productive team. You’ll find plenty of chatter in our Shrewsbury office, as well as questionable tastes in music, Marvel canvases and superb coffee. All of the services we provide are kept in-house, so you’ll be able to meet the people who’ll be looking after you.

Key 3 Media’s design, website and social media services have been invaluable.

– Mathew Morris, Shrewsbury Homes

We’re not “yes” people

We will always advise honestly, even if you don’t like what you’re hearing. So if you’re looking for marketers who simply follow instructions, Key 3 Media is not for you. However, if you want marketers who will protect you as well as promote you, say hello to our Shrewsbury team:

Andy Rao | Grand Fromage
About the boss...
Andy began his media journey in 1996 in Carlton TV’s Marketing & Research department. He left at Senior Executive level to become Sales Research Manager at Pearl & Dean Cinema Advertising. Andy’s experience diversified to digital marketing when he moved back to Shropshire, his home county, and launched the award-winning local advertising company, thebestof Shrewsbury.

Andy takes the lead on all major projects, from branding to social media campaigns. It is also his responsibility to promote Key 3 Media itself, working on the business as well as in it. There is no point us telling everyone how important marketing is if we don’t market ourselves!

Factoid: Andy once met his hero, Sir Richard Attenborough, but had had a few drinks and could only say, “I loved you in The Great Escape.”

Emma Rao | Director
About the real boss...
Emma has worked in sales and marketing for over 20 years. Her London experience included big-name media companies such as the National Magazine Company and Primesight Outdoor. Now she runs our sister business, thebestof Shrewsbury, as well as handling all the financials.

Emma is in charge of Key 3 Media’s day-to-day operations. Ensuring the office runs smoothly and that the team has everything they need to support clients to the level they expect…. It is Emma’s attention to detail and belief in honest aftercare that creates many of Key 3 Media’s recommendations. She is the jam in our jelly roll.

Factoid: Emma’s father founded Truprint.

Louise | Account Manager
About the brains...
Louise is the engine room of Key 3 Media! A born social media manager, Louise spends much of her time overseeing the content that the team creates or finds, as well as handling key accounts herself. She knows how to converse with people online and handle difficult situations expertly, which most businesses will face on social media at some point. Her two other areas of focus are Google AdWords and WordPress.

Louise is Google Ads certified, scoring 96% and 98% in her exams – so your Pay Per Click advertising would be in safe hands! With a First Class Honours degree in English Literature & Creative Writing, Louise keeps our clients’ WordPress website content fresh and informative. Good marketing always needs looking after.

Factoid: Louise looks amazing in any hat. Bring a hat to the office and test her!

Jenny | Operations Manager
About the designer...
Jenny brings a well-rounded set of skills to the team. She can help clients with their social media but also brings serious design flair to the table. Mobile-first websites, brochures, leaflets, expo stands… any marketing collateral, basically! But as we always stress, it cannot be ‘style over substance’; any Key 3 Media design work is there to attract the right people and encourage them to do what we want them to do.

Jenny and Andy are the public faces of Key 3 Media. Out visiting clients and potential clients, attending conferences and networking … putting the shoe leather in, the real hard work. This is also an essential part of our own learning process; what events are there where we can learn more…? To share with the team and further benefit clients.

Factoid: Jenny appeared on BBC TV when she as younger (she has the VHS proof!). She performed at the Edinburgh Festival on the Princes Street Stage when she was a violinist in the Shropshire Youth Orchestra.

Kimberley | Copywriter
About the scribe...
Kimberley is a Creative Writing postgraduate who can handle anything involving the written word. From website copy to e-newsletters and brochures, Kim knows how to write copy that informs and ultimately sells. It goes without saying that attention to tone, spelling and grammar has to be second-to-none.

She is also Key 3 Media’s main content researcher, particularly for LinkedIn clients, which has become a hugely valuable B2B tool under the ownership of Microsoft. Finance, accountancy, IT… any areas that require excellent insight into their fields, where Kim turns subjects that may be considered “dry” into posts and articles that hook the reader.

Factoid: Kim once lived in a library for three months!

Tara | Videographer
About the YouTuber...
Tara came to Key 3 Media with a degree in Digital Film Production and Screenwriting. Although she has copywriting skills that are often called upon, her main role is providing video services to clients as well as for Key 3 Media’s own marketing.

Rather than overly long “corporate” videos, Tara specialises in short videos geared towards social media. Video is becoming crucial for social media success and, as more and more businesses join in, the quality has to increase. Facebook will actually help a video reach more people if the audience watches at least half of it, so knowing how to engage is key.

Factoid: When Tara was a baby she was roared at by a lion and responded by touching it on the nose.

Alice | Blogger
About the whizzkid...
Sometimes a blog needs to be turned around super quickly. Something topical happens and a client needs to react. As Alice works exclusively on blogging, the “rush jobs” fall to her. With a natural writing style and excellent research skills, Alice can create a blog of 400-500 words in a short space of time… on any given subject.

Alice has written blogs for property developers, gyms, van rental companies, financial advisers… you name it! Every now and then we meet a young superstar. Alice is one of them.

Factoid: Alice has been to Disney World eight times….

Emily | Office Administrator
About the organiser...
Organised, efficient, and really, really friendly… we believe that every office needs someone like Emily. As Office Administrator she is the first point of contact for new clients. When you call Key 3 Media, it’ll likely be Emily’s voice you hear on the end of the phone, and when you visit us it will be Emily who greets you with a big smile and offers you a cuppa.

Emily also makes sure Andy is where he needs to be at the right time and with the right information (which can be a challenge with someone as busy as he is). It takes a special person to be able to coordinate multiple calendars, prep for meetings with our diverse range of clients, and generally keep things running smoothly in an office as fast-paced as Key 3 Media’s. Emily manages all that, and more – plus she’s super nice!

Factoid: Emily used to own ten pet sheep!

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