Our work experience superstar, Alice returns to Key 3 Media for the summer! Carry on reading to find out what she will be up to and learn about her story so far…

Hi, I’m Alice. I’m an 18-year-old student who you may have seen popping up here and there throughout Key 3 Media’s website and social media. I started my journey with Key 3 Media last Autumn, and they haven’t managed to get rid of me since!

Where it all began…

Back in the Autumn of 2017, as a mere 17-year-old; I was looking for work experience. With the intention of going into journalism, I was looking for something to do with writing and social media. Naturally, marketing called my name. At college I’d been involved with my college magazine, so I was very much aware of copywriting and design but had never explored them from a commercial standpoint. My week at K3M was really beneficial. They taught me the tricks of the trade when it came to blogging and were impressed with my ability to turn around content quickly. The team instilled confidence in me in relation to my writing abilities. In fact, they liked me so much that they asked me to do a bit of freelance writing for them.

What happened next

After my week at K3M, I continued to stay in contact with the team through freelance blog writing for clients. Not only was it a nice way for me to earn some extra money, but it meant I could keep on top of my writing skills outside of my A Levels. The more I wrote, the better I got. Plus, with K3M expanding I was a helpful hand when it came to getting blogs written when time was precious for the team.

Where I am now

I’m currently experiencing the three-month long summer that comes with finishing A Levels and waiting to head off to university. With plenty of time on my hands, I contacted the team to see if I could be of any assistance. That brings us to present day and I’m sat in the office typing away at my computer. I’ve been busy writing the new Key 3 Media brochure and newsletter, taking part in podcasts, as well as blogging and getting a few other jobs done. Working with Key 3 Media really is providing me with invaluable experience and is giving me a taste of what marketing is really like. Side note: I blooming love marketing.

What’s my plan for the future

When September comes around I’m still hoping to head off to university to study journalism. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be losing contact with K3M. Whilst I’m not going to be getting a degree in marketing, so many of the journalism skills I’m hoping to learn will translate into marketing seamlessly. Key 3 Media has given me a taste of marketing, and I really like it. Of course, I’m still looking forward to learning everything journalism has to offer at uni, but I do honestly believe that marketing is still a very prospective career for me.

After work experience...