Our last Facebook Advertising blog was back in February, so we thought it was time to revisit this fantastic marketing pillar. Some things are new, some things have changed and others have gone. It ain’t perfect, but there aren’t many places you can reach niche demographics for such a low cost either.

£1 a day is all you need, although Key 3 Media does advise a starting budget of at least £5 a day to properly test what you’re after.

What has changed?

There have been a few changes and updates in Facebook Advertising recently. One of the most important changes in 2018 was the removal of ‘Partner Categories’. This was due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which impacted how some ads are targeted.

Ad targeting strategies were changed and previous targeting options you might have used are now unavailable. For instance, a lot of ‘likely to’ style demographics vanished, such as ‘likely to buy a new car’ or ‘likely to move’.

However, Facebook has introduced or re-introduced cool targeting categories such as Job Titles and Facebook Page Admins. These have proven handy targeting categories for our business, for sure!

What else should I know about?

There are many things a business should be doing to ensure their Facebook Ads perform well. But you’re a busy person, so we’ve chosen just three to highlight today: carousel ads, Facebook retargeting and email targeting.

What is always worth bearing in mind is that if your goal is to drive people to your website, get your website right first. Otherwise you are paying for brand awareness not sales… with a poor user experience to boot.

Carousel ads

The ‘carousel’ style of ad is a great option, which allows you to feature up to ten different links to your website in one ad. This means you can advertise up to ten services or products with ten different weblinks.

You can choose to let Facebook determine which of your links are the most popular, and that’s the order they’ll be shown in. Or you choose the order you want. You do need high res photos though, despite the small square image space. And the space for text is limited, so bring your copywriting skills to the table. Hook people in.

The cost for carousel ads used to be more than we’d like (as Facebook didn’t want their user clicking off to other websites) but they have seen the light. We now have some carousel ads running for clients for just 5p or 6p per click.

Facebook retargeting

A Facebook Pixel is a tracking and analytics tool that you can install on your website. So when someone visits your website, you can follow them around the internet for a while. 30 days is a good option – you don’t want to stalk someone forever….

You’ll be seeing retargeting lots, no doubt. Googles offers retargeting too. You look at a pair of socks on a website and that pair of socks follows you around! They are are tracking you via the Facebook Pixel (or Google cookie). But these retargeting ads don’t just appear on Facebook – Facebook works with a tonne of partner websites, so your ads can appear elsewhere too. You may want to switch off some of the genre choices, such as gambling.

Facebook can also determine which people are most like your website visitors – a lookalike audience. This is becoming more and more popular, and has been used by all the big boys for a long time. If people visit your website, they are probably interested in you or your type of service or product, right? So it makes sense to target people that Facebook deems are most similar.

Email targeting

Still one of our favourites, and oft overlooked. You can import lists of email addresses into Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook will then extrapolate which of those emails are registered on Facebook. Got a list of customers that you’d subtly like to upsell to? Or how about people who have enquired through your website but not gone on to purchase?

Now, we are not GDPR experts…. But make sure your website privacy policy is compliant.

Getting your ads shown to specific individuals as well as specific groups of people is powerful stuff. And, as above, Facebook can create a lookalike audience based on these people. So, for example, you can showcase ads to people who are the most similar to those who have actually bought off you! How good is that?

This blog is all about targeting, if you hadn’t guessed! This is universally more efficient than throwing a load of mud at the wall and hoping some of it sticks. Profile will usually beat volume in any aspect of marketing. Usually. Take Page Likes, for example; would you rather have 5,000 likes where 20 of them are genuinely interested in what you’re offering or 500 likes and 200 who are proper fans and advocates?

Costs per click for retargeting may be higher than normal, but if the return is there… who cares?!

Is Facebook still relevant for advertising my business?

There’s no denying that Facebook has had a tumultuous year. Yet, it still remains one of the most cost effective digital advertising platforms. In fact, Facebook’s advertising revenue rose to 33.5% in the third quarter of 2018 and mobile ads accounted for 92% of their ad revenue in that quarter. (1)

Considering that there was a ‘delete Facebook’ hashtag doing the rounds on social media at the beginning of this year, Facebook has managed to bounce back with positive user growth albeit at a slower pace.

With all this in mind, Facebook Advertising is still vitally important for businesses and when created and managed in the correct way – your business can reap the rewards.

Why Key 3 Media?

Creating and managing Facebook Ads is our bread and better. Well, that and full management, where we look after every aspect of a business’s social media. Our team makes the time to continue learning ourselves and keep our clients ahead of the curve. Time will always be a HUGE factor. Most ads we look after require daily checking to get the most out of them. The last thing you want to do is let an ad run un-monitored. You’ll never get the cost per click down that way.

In fact, this year we had our most successful Facebook Ad campaign ever. This was managed by Jen for a global client involved in the construction industry; his cost per click ran at an impressive 0.004p! With the Facebook Ads average (CPC) being 79p (2), we were chuffed… as was the client, more importantly. Anyway, enough of the hard sell! Loosen the thumb screws!

If you would like to learn more about how Facebook Ads can help your business, please click here.


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