Welcome to our book review series, a look at the books we’ve been reading from the Key 3 Media shelf.

You know how some books are hard to put down? The Millionaire Clown was the exact opposite – I was putting it down every other chapter. Which sounds bad, but I promise it’s a huge compliment! Let me explain…

Who is the Millionaire Clown?

James Sinclair, the author of The Millionaire Clown, is something of a business inspiration for Andy, and by extension, the Key 3 Media team. It’s not surprising if you know anything about the man. After setting up a children’s entertainment business at the tender age of 15, by 18 he was turning over £1000 every week. He owned two houses by the time he was in his twenties and is now, as the title suggests, a millionaire.

It’s not just the material side of things which is so inspiring (although it helps). ‘Jimbo the Partyman’ has a proven track record of being a successful entrepreneur, leader and marketer.

What’s it all about?

If you’ve ever watched one of his videos, which I have, you might be taken aback by how energetic James Sinclair is. I don’t know why I was surprised – he’s a self-confessed clown, after all. But behind the big grin and bigger personality, there runs a deep vein of insight and knowledge, the wealth of which is in this book.

Part One is a brief autobiography, which introduces James as a bright and driven child, and is necessary if you want to understand where his passion has come from. Part Two is where it really kicks into another gear, however.

The rules of success

Part Two is called “Success – and how to achieve it” and consists of THE RULES OF SUCCESS. These seventeen rules cover almost everything you need to know to help you achieve mega-success in business.

My personal favourite rule is number seven: Understanding marketing, and why it matters. I know, I know, I am a marketer after all, but it’s something everyone who owns or runs a business needs to read. Here’s a snippet: “In my opinion, if you are not a marketeer or have a good understanding of the necessities of marketing, you will never reach super-success.”

Keeping it real

James, or Jimbo as he’s affectionately known, has the habit of getting right to the point in his writing, which means only the most practical, essential advice is packed into less than 150 pages.

Make no mistake, it’s not a dry read. It is sharp, educational and inspiring, especially as James shares a lot of his own success story; this is certainly not to brag but to illustrate the harsh realities of creating that success. Running a business is tough and exasperating and there can be setbacks, yes. But the only choice for him was to keep pushing forward because it’s also exciting and joyful, and there’s the real potential of huge victory.

Which brings me back to having to put the book down…

Inspirational reading

James is so consistently encouraging, it is hard to sit still and read when you could be up and doing something to follow his advice. My own experience of reading the book was that I would last only a short chapter or two before I had to get my laptop out to start writing, searching for an online course to join, or rearranging next day’s calendar on my phone.

How to become a millionaire

It’s an experience in sharp contrast to some other business advice books, where you may read the best advice in the world but not actually implement any of it. James’s book forces you to be productive. There’s something about the fear of regret and missing out he speaks of that certainly lit a fire under me.


If you need a boost of inspiration, or a kick up the backside to get moving, pull The Millionaire Clown from your bookshelf and read a random paragraph or two. If you’re anything like me, you won’t last long before you’re leaping into action.


Book review: The Millionaire Clown