Key 3 Media is a full marketing agency in Shropshire, meaning whether it’s a new website you need, or Google Adwords, or social media training, we can help.

It also means that if you are starting a business but don’t know how it will look and feel to potential customers, we can help you launch your new brand entirely from scratch. This was our mission for Cryozone Health, a state-of-the-art cryotherapy centre that opened in Shrewsbury.

Choosing Key 3 Media

Cryozone Health is father-son team Steve and Lee Morgan. They first approached us in the summer of 2016 to talk about their plans and how we could transfer their idea into paying customers. They had a vision for a cryotherapy centre based in Shrewsbury, one of a handful in the UK located outside of London.

Smart businessmen, Lee is a racing driver who has competed in the past against the likes of Lewis Hamilton. His father Steve has made a successful career as a property developer, as well as supporting his son’s racing. When Lee was recovering from a bad racing crash aged 18, he discovered the benefits of cryotherapy. Steve was unsure at first but Lee convinced him to invest… and the seeds of Cryozone Health were born.

They chose to contact Key 3 Media after finding our website (good Search Engine Optimization, you see!!) and recognising that our team has the experience to handle the launch of their company. They also appreciated that we are a fellow family-owned business! But they also made it clear – and rightly so – that two business have to be able to work together for a relationship to work effectively. All the knowledge in the world won’t help you if you can’t communicate clearly and confidently.

Discussing the project

So we had a meeting. It went well! Steve and Lee seemed really cool (no pun intended…). We understood that we had to gain their trust. Our first few meetings were to discuss their goals and learn about cryotherapy. Although we weren’t familiar with the concept, cryotherapy has been popular for years in America, with international celebrities and star athletes endorsing the practice. Famous names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Leicester City Football Club and Jennifer Aniston were already tied to cryotherapy.

Steve and Lee explained the theory behind the full body cryochamber, as well as localised treatments. They were convinced that local sports teams and individuals would benefit from their business. The first question to ask was – is there a market for cryotherapy in Shrewsbury?

Shrewsbury as the home of Cryozone Health

As part of our initial report, we established that the area for the proposed site of Cryozone Health would make it perfectly situated in terms of marketing and location.

Shrewsbury enjoys plenty of health clubs and sports teams at all ages and levels of competition, from Shrewsbury Town Football Club to London Road Sports Centre to The Shrewsbury Club. Key 3 Media already has personal and work connections with many of these businesses, and were uniquely placed to introduce Steve and Lee to the decision-makers.

Looking further afield, with easy access to Telford and beyond via the M54 and M6, Shrewsbury would make the convenient choice for cryotherapy-seekers across the country for whom London was too far to travel.

Conclusion? Shrewsbury could offer a wealth of potential customers and strategic partners for Cryozone Health.

Designing the brand and logo

Once Steve and Lee gave us the go-ahead on the project, we started work designing a brand and logo.

Steve and Lee were clear in their requirements. They wanted a professional and sleek brand that represented the cutting-edge nature of their business. We talked to them about clean lines, the feeling of cold, the psychology of their brand identity and presented them with concepts to fit.

It was important for Cryozone Health that the brand identity worked well in multiple environments. Whether that be a business card or a light up building sign, through to giant display graphics on their internal walls and logo-embroidered uniforms.

With a background in racing, they were knowledgeable about the importance of clear branding and being able to display that brand effectively. Our designs needed to be clear, memorable and resonate with their target audience.

Realising the vision

Together, we settled on the Cryozone Health three-point star logo and a bold polygon design for stationery and the walls of the cryochamber hub. The brand identity continued throughout the centre, with whites, blues and a sleek appearance contributing to the overall impression of a luxury brand.

Liaising with Steve’s long-established print client, we designed a striking word wall and transparencies to pull the look together. For Steve, the devil is in the detail. Luckily, it is for Key 3 Media too, and we were happy to deliver a finish and quality to be expected from a state-of-the-art health clinic.

Building online presence

A new business would require an effective, mobile-first website. Once we had secured the right domain and Joel began building the website in WordPress, Louise went about researching cryotherapy and writing content that could communicate the benefits of a treatment which is thus far unfamiliar to most in the UK.

Steve and Lee were also relying on us to launch Cryozone Health on social media. Their main presence would be on Facebook and Instagram, with some support from Twitter.

A couple of months before launch, we began to research content to share, from the history of cryotherapy to sporting fans of the treatment. As the launch date drew nearer it was time to run a number of Facebook Adverts to draw people to the page and raise awareness of the new company. Due to a steady stream of on-site photographs and some early testimonials, combined with an ad running for a just a few pence per click, both Facebook and Instagram accounts built followers rapidly.

Introducing Cryozone Health

As the project was developing, Key 3 Media helped by spreading the word amongst our own business contacts and working with our preferred PR partner to further share news of the opening. As a result, Cryozone Health enjoyed promotion through articles in both the Shropshire Star and numerous online news agencies.

To coincide with the opening of the centre, Lee wanted to introduce an exclusive launch offer. Together we worked on the design of a full-colour, double-sided postcard, as well as other promotional leaflets and cards which customers could take away.

The result of a year’s collaboration was a brand identity Steve and Lee loved and a new business that was getting bookings in before they had officially opened!

We wish Cryozone Health all the best for the future.


This success story developed from just one initial chat. If you are looking to launch a new brand and would like a professional, helpful marketing partner in Shropshire to work alongside you, we’d love to chat. Please email or call us on 01743 491356.