Below are the questions we get asked the most. If you have a question that’s not on the list, please call us on 01743 491356 or use the online enquiry form at the bottom.

How much do you charge?

Usually the number one factor. If you’re looking for cheap, we ain’t it. If you’re looking for Flash Harries who charge a fortune, we ain’t it either.

If you’re after value, then that’s our bag. We charge a fair price for our team’s experience and responsive service.

Is Key 3 Media expensive?

Compared to a city agency – no.

Compared to a one-man band – yes.

Social media management prices start from £150+vat per month. That can increase to four figures, depending on how many accounts are involved and the industry you’re in.

Web design prices start from £2,000+vat. We can offer interest-free pay monthly options.

Graphic design projects are ad hoc, so prices vary, naturally. But, to give you an example, to design a full page magazine ad will cost in the region of £250+vat, depending on the deadline.

Logo design prices start from £650+vat.

Researching and writing a blog – c.£100+vat.

PR interview, writing, photography, press submission and monitoring – c. £350+vat.

Filming and editing of a 1-minute video – £150+vat.

All clients receive a first class service:

  • expertise across social media, design, Google, copywriting and print
  • team support, so you won’t be affected by sick days, holidays, etc.
  • fast turnarounds
  • experienced directors and managers
  • responsive aftercare
  • pro active support
How are you different to all the other social media guys out there?

There are indeed social media “jedis” springing up everywhere. Nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s a free world.

But there is a mahoosive difference between posting a couple of times a week and the full management that Key 3 Media provides. Clients don’t have to do anything apart from send us news and photos when they can. We even make that easy by setting up a WhatsApp group. We research, we post relevant and engaging content that’s spelt properly with correct grammar, we measure, monitor and respond 24/7. Oh, and we know Facebook Advertising inside out – crucial to Facebook success.

Social media clients also enjoy the back-up of our team. If you have one person managing your social media, what happens if they get ill or go on holiday? If that happens to your Account Manager at Key 3 Media, another member of the team takes over.

We are regularly asked to speak at conferences on social media. But we stress that we are social media do-ers as well as speakers! It isn’t just theory we talk about. The information that Key 3 Media shares is practical – stuff that we have implemented first hand.

If you manage my social media, have I lost admin rights?

For most businesses we help with Facebook, we only require Editor rights rather than full Admin.

You and you alone should have full Admin rights, no matter how much you love your colleagues and employees. A full Admin is able to delete your Facebook Page, so it’s a big responsibility to share.

Our advice would be to have the business owner as Admin, Key 3 Media gets Editor access and that’s it. When a Facebook Page has multiple administrators, we run the risk of missing a notification. Someone asks a question on your page, one of your team checks the notification but doesn’t action it… and that notification disappears from Key 3 Media’s view. This could mean lost business for you.

Sometimes, however, we do require full Admin rights. Maybe it’s to create a page from scratch or merge two pages together. So trust is a factor in the relationship we have with clients.

For Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, there are no differing levels of admin rights. You’re a full Admin or nothing. Again, we’d advise keeping the circle of trust small.

What platform do you use to build websites?

Our platform of choice is WordPress. Here’s why:

  • Over a quarter of the world’s websites use the WordPress platform (26.4%, source: W3Techs)
  • It is a system that is easy to pass over should you ever wish to switch web designers
  • The WordPress admin console is as simple to use as it gets, making future website edits, er, simple
  • You can give differing levels of admin console access to multiple users
  • The code is clean and simple, making WordPress websites Google-friendly
  • The design of each website is 100% customizable
  • WordPress sites are totally scalable, meaning you can just keep on adding content without compromising performance
  • If it’s good enough for The New York Times website, it’s good enough for us!


BUT (and it’s a big “but”) – for larger websites, ones that may require linking in with databases, for example, we do build fully bespoke platforms.

Whether it is WordPress or bespoke, Key 3 Media’s web design services are all about transparency and quality.

If you want to be in charge of editing your website as time goes on, we make it easy for you to do so. We can give you and your team whatever access rights you want. But most of our clients prefer us to do any ongoing updating and they simply pay us a monthly maintenance fee.

You will end up with a website tailored to your branding and requirements. We do not provide ‘off the shelf’ web design packages.

Do you host the websites you build?

We prefer to. It makes everything simpler from a technical perspective and better for you. Our website hosting service is super secure, reliable and includes a Google SSL security certificate, which many agencies charge extra for.

We either host websites through a reliable 3rd party (one company, not a choice of companies), our IT supplier or – for database work – Amazon.

If you’ve ever been on a website and things don’t work properly, it’s because whoever’s hosting it is not doing their job properly. Key 3 Media gives clients peace of mind.

We generally offer three website hosting packages:

  1. Bronze – as above @ £25+vat a month
  2. Silver – as Bronze plus we take care of ongoing basic changes for you @ £49+vat a month
  3. Gold – as Silver plus we research, write and upload a monthly blog for you @ £89+vat a month
Do you handle print or is it just design?

Because of the levels of print work we do for clients, we have negotiated excellent rates with a select number of recommended print companies.

We can do ‘design only’ for any marketing materials or ‘design + print’. If you know a printer, can get a price you’re happy with and the work will be of high quality, then go for it.

Many do prefer our one-stop-shop service but it really is up to you.

Our print prices include delivery to mainland UK.

Do you have specific payment terms?

Most of our one-off projects, for example a website build or leaflet design, are charged at 50% upfront and 50% upon completion.

Any ongoing marketing support, such as consultancy or social media management, is payable monthly by Direct Debit. Ongoing work is an agreed initial period of usually three months and then a rolling three-month contract.

We don’t do long-term tie-ins.

How much support can I expect?

Our support for social media clients is 24/7. There’s no point a member of the public asking a question on social media on Friday night and no one gets back to them till Monday morning. With one client, we converted four social media enquiries into four new clients on Christmas Day. (That might sound sad, we appreciate…!)

A social media client may also send us time-sensitive news that needs sharing ASAP. Evenings, weekends… it’s all good (within reason).

In terms of asking us questions or seeking advice, each member of the Key 3 Media team has a work mobile. Each client has one or two main points of contact and they are welcome to call, text, email or WhatsApp within our office hours. So if you text us for help on a Sunday evening, we will reply on Monday morning.

BUT… if you want to “pick our brains” outside of standard office hours, we do offer a Platinum Clients service. This suits some of our clients better, where we are acting as full-time marketing consultants.

We find it amazing that business owners are surprised when suppliers get back to them in a timely fashion. So if you like to feel heard and appreciated, we’re your guys!

Will you handle small jobs?

We have launched companies from scratch. We have also printed a few business cards for someone. Some businesses say, “No job too small,” yet they don’t get back to you when you enquire about a small job. When we say it, we mean it!

Maybe you simply need your comp slip design tweaking. Or you can’t get a Facebook Ad to work properly. Key 3 Media will always get back to you with a price and a delivery date.

We have done small jobs for people and never heard from them again, which is fine. We have done small jobs for other people and they have, in turn, led to massive jobs.

Some folk seem surprised when we take on a little project. But it’s just good business sense as far as we’re concerned.

You're based in Shrewsbury but do you travel?

Although most of Key 3 Media’s clients are based in Shropshire, we do help businesses further afield. We have London clients and a few Cheshire way.

Depending on the work, face-to-face meetings are accommodated and sometimes necessary. Other times, Facetime is all that is needed.

Everything starts with a phonecall. So if you’re nowhere near us here in the heart of England, please do still get in touch.

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