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Are you looking for top marketing tips to be sent to you free of charge? You’ve come to the right place.

Key 3 Media has advice to share with you based on many years in business. Our directors alone, Andy and Emma Rao, have worked in media since the 1990s. What we love doing is helping happy business owners and managers.

We have THREE things to give away on a REGULAR basis. Not one-off hits; the worst number in marketing is one. Read on to find out what we’d like to share with you but first why our insights will be of benefit to you.

“We deeply appreciate your efforts. You are helping us do something that I think will help people’s lives and creating something quite exciting.”

– Owen O’Kane, Ten to Zen

Why listen to us?

There are tonnes of marketing “gurus” out there! Some of them good, some of them bad. Some of them absolute charlatans.

Why can Key 3 Media genuinely help you?

  • Business owners at the helm – we are at the coal face like you
  • Decades of experience within the team, for you to learn off more than one person
  • Helped business owners make millions of pounds over the years
  • We practice what we preach and spend about 10% of our revenue on our own marketing
  • Marketers not sellers – you know, where you sign up to e-news then get emailed every day with, “Buy my stuff!”
  • We don’t pretend to have a team when really it’s one person on their own outsourcing everything to Uzbekistan
  • Our people, at the heart, are Content Creators as content will always be king
  • We advise on tried and tested tools and strategies, not the latest shiny new thing
  • We are passionate about what we do!
  • There is genuine positivity in our work; everyone has bad days but we don’t share our woes through twee motivational quotes
  • We continue to learn rather rely on old hat strategies forever
  • Implemented marketing strategies across a wide range of B2B and B2C industries

No fluff or theory

This is crucial – Key 3 Media specialises in practical marketing. You’ll benefit from content that we have actioned for our own company or for clients; all tried-and-tested stuff, not theory. The people in our team have expertise across:

  • social media
  • facebook advertising
  • newsletters
  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • branding
  • business ownership
  • web design
  • graphic design
  • copywriting….

Now, if you haven’t fallen asleep and you’re still reading, here’s what we’re giving away:

1) Marketing Monday

The cornerstone of our content is Andy’s #MarketingMonday email.

It’s usually a video, shot in our Shropshire office or when Andy’s out and about. Nothing flash, just solid marketing tips. Substance over style. One of these emails made a subscriber £2,000. Why? Because they listened and they implemented.

To be clear – Marketing Monday is one email a week. The name sort of gives it away. So you won’t be bombarded, although we do encourage you to subscribe to all our channels. Email content, video, podcasts… the world’s your oyster.

You can find Andy on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – all with the handle @andyrao72 On YouTube, it’s @andyrao without the “72”, which is annoying….

Nor will you be sold to in our communications. That winds us up. E-news should be about informing.

2) Podcast

You can also subscribe to our new podcast, The Key 3 Media Show. Just click HERE or search for “key 3 media” on your usual podcast app. An informal treasure trove of marketing and business insights.

3) Printed Newsletter

Due to the popularity of our quarterly printed newsletter, Marketing Matters, from October 2018 it will be going out monthly. if you would like to be added to the distribution list, fill out your details below.

This is free-of-charge (UK only). Yes, we are that lovely.

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