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We’ll be happy to send you free marketing tips. Once a week, every Monday, to be clear – you won’t be bombarded! We call them our #MarketingMonday emails. One email made a client over £1k in a day.

Key 3 Media specialises in fluff-free marketing. Stuff that works, not just looks pretty. From leaflet design to mobile-first websites and social media accounts.

Anyway, this isn’t about us. It’s about YOU! How good is your marketing at the moment? If it’s all running tickety-boo, you can stop reading now and get about your day. But if it is not as effective as you’d like it to be, or you are unsure, #MarketingMonday is just the ticket.

Maybe your business is using Facebook but it doesn’t generate any enquiries. Or your website doesn’t convert enough visitors to buyers. As business owners ourselves, we appreciate how you can get pulled in lots of different directions. This sometimes leads to taking your eye off the ball. If you keep handing over hundreds of pounds a month to the local newspaper but haven’t got a clue whether it is making the phone ring, you wouldn’t be the only one. A business owner on our mailing list had 37 Facebook Ad campaigns on the go. 37! And she hadn’t checked them in days. Following a #MarketingMonday email, she condensed that down to four, followed our guidelines and the enquiries are flooding in!

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Our directors and the owners of the business have worked in media and marketing since the mid 1990s, so you can be assured that it is practical, hands-on experience behind what we’ll be sharing.

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You can also subscribe to our brand new podcast, The Key 3 Media Show. Just click HERE or search for “key 3 media” on your usual podcast app. A veritable treasure trove of marketing fun. Because it has to be fun, right?!


To go one step further, we’ll even post you one of our snazzy new brochures, which will explain how we help businesses in silk paper form. We’re not going to send them out willy nilly, so if you’d like a copy, use the contact form below to send us your name, company name and UK postal address.

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