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Google 360 Tours

Google 360 Tours

Let customers find your business easily online and build trust with your own Google 360 Tour. Have you see a tour on the internet? It’s where you can move from room to room in a building by pressing the arrow symbols.

Our Google 360 specialist will visit your place of business, capture the virtual tour and implement the tour online, all for a one-off fee. Or, you can get your tour as part of a complete Google My Business package.

Here is the Google 360 Tour we arranged for Abbey Veterinary Centre in Shrewsbury:

Make it easier for customers to find you
First impressions are important. Having a Google 360 Tour can help you to stand out to a potential customer when they are searching for you online, boosting engagement with your business. Anything that drives more traffic will help increase your SEO, as well as making Google more inclined to place you towards the top of the searches.

A Google 360 Tour can be seen across all devices, including desktop, tablet and, importantly, mobile. Right now, Google dominates for mobile devices, holding more than a 90% market share of all search engines. [1][1] Search Engine Statistics 2018, Mangles, C. (2018) Available from: [Accessed 22nd May 2018]

Make it easier for customers to buy from you
Sometimes online it can be hard to trust whether someone is really who or what they claim to be. Being able to virtually see your company location and tour the building allows people to know that you are the real deal. It helps them get a true sense of the place before they visit or buy from you. And a person who trusts your business is much more likely to become a customer. According to a recent study, listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest. [2]

To an extent, a Google 360 Tour adds legitimacy to your business. Think about whenever you’ve come across a business you were interested in and they had a Google 360 Tour. Did you have a look around? We all go through certain checklists when we’re considering making a purchase or committing to a transaction. If someone can see that you are real, local, and have invested in a virtual tour for their benefit, those are instant ‘ticks’.

[2] The Power of Media-Rich Map Listings. Available from: [Accessed 22nd May 2018]

Where your 360 Tour can be used
As well as incorporating your 360 Tour into your Google My Business listing, it can be embedded onto your website and social media. Wherever a customer is searching, whether on Google, Google Maps, Facebook or your website, they can find your 360 Tour.
Google Accredited
Our Google 360 specialist is Google Accredited and has the equipment necessary to record your 360 Tour images to the highest quality. The unique aspect of the 360 Tour means that it can’t simply be a panoramic photograph taken with a normal camera. The 360 Tour images are linked to allow a virtual walkaround, and can display the exterior and interior of your business. Private details, such as car license plates and customer faces, can be blurred out.

Being a Google Trusted Photographer, you can be confident that your business is going to be captured looking its best.

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