We’re delighted to announce that Jenny has taken on a new role: that of Operations Manager.

Origin story

Jenny joined us back in March this year (it seems like much longer than that – in a good way!), coming aboard as our new Senior Account Executive. The company has grown so much within the space of a year, and back in winter we were taking on a lot of new clients. So many, in fact, that we decided we had to hire someone to help with the workload. The new team member would be dedicated to the quality service we provide, and wouldn’t be afraid of a challenge – there was a lot to tackle!

Jen of all trades

Thankfully we found Jenny, who turned out to be the perfect addition to the team. The first sign we had made the right choice was how quickly she got to grips with everything we threw at her. Whether it was creating social media calendars for clients, making site visits, or designing email campaigns, she seemed to master it all. If you want a little trip down memory lane, you can read her first Key 3 Media blog here.

Running a tight ship

We continue to produce exceedingly high standards of work, which is all down to the care and dedication of the team, but it doesn’t just happen! It takes a lot of hard work, and as the team and number of our clients grow it has become more important than ever to keep a close eye on our organisation and efficiency. That’s where Jenny comes in.

Jenny’s new role combines all the duties of her previous position as Senior Account Executive with new responsibilities. This means that as well as heading up our clients’ social media accounts and leading on design work, Jen will now manage the day-to-day running of the office.

Star player

Jen has consistently proved she has the right stuff: conscientious, hardworking, keen to learn and eager to take on more and more responsibility. To be honest, we’re not always sure how she does it (it might be down to the coffee, or the radioactive spider bite?)

In all seriousness, we are really proud of Jenny and how incredibly hard she works every day. We have no doubt that she will flourish in the new role and keep Key 3 Media running like a well-oiled machine.


New role for Jenny