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Key 3 Media has joined forces with award-winning design studio Squeak to form a full service marketing agency. More people, more expertise and the same great level of service. Check out our new site.




Creating interesting and engaging copy is pivotal to your potential customer as you have to let them know in a non-salesy way why they should give you money and not your competitors. You have to hook them, basically. From writing blogs and newsletters to PR, Key 3 Media can adapt to any sector and produce professional copy that sells without selling.

Everyone in our team has copywriting skills. Recruiting them took a long time as copywriting seems to be a dying art! Knowing how to write, tonality, spelling and grammar, storytelling… all key components in positioning our clients as the go-to guys / gals in their field.

Writing for your business
Does your business need something writing? Our Shrewsbury-based team has written content for websites, blogs, leaflets, newsletters and more. If we aren’t already familiar with the subject, we make it our mission to know all there is to know about it.

Most copywriting applies to any form of marketing, whether it’s content for an ad in the paper or an email campaign. Our copywriters are adept at researching a wide range of industries but – crucially – we put ourselves in your potential customers’ shoes when we write. Tonality is just as important in the written word as verbally. If you have the right audience reading, your copy must engage and convert. The end goal in all our writing is to present clients as the experts in their field.

If you’ve made the (wise) decision to have a blog on your website, it needs to be updated regularly. A news page that was last updated a year ago may or may not do harm in Google’s eyes but it certainly will in the readers’. “Do or do not,” as Yoda said. The problem is, you’re busy running your business and, unless writing is something you enjoy, you’ll probably find it hard to blog monthly, let alone every other week.

The beauty of putting Key 3 Media in charge of your blogging is that we don’t have to wait on you to send us anything. We just get researching and writing and send the article to you. Some clients even prefer us to actually upload each new blog to their website, as well as sorting the SEO, which we’re happy to do (you can read more about it here).

57% of companies that have a blog have got business from their blog. [2][2]

Email Marketing
Email marketing is a personable and cost-effective resource in maintaining relationships with your clients or potential new clients. You have to be mindful of GDPR and not simply add recipients to your database but, when done right, email marketing will increase brand awareness and generate enquiries.

For clients where time, expertise or inclination is a barrier to them doing it themselves, Key 3 Media can design, research, write and send email content tailored to your brand. It keeps your head above the parapet, reminding people you’re still here, still trading, still helping. Depending on your business’s needs, we can commit to email marketing monthly, fortnightly or even weekly. All you need to provide us with is a clean, opted-in database of email addresses.

Along with copywriting for print and web, Key 3 Media provides a Public Relations writing service. Whatever the requirements of your business, whether it’s a “traditional” press release, a Q&A or a magazine editorial – we have it covered. Through one phone call or meeting, we can collate all the necessary information and provide a professional, engaging representation of you and your business.

We have the journalist contacts too. Knowing how to write is just half the battle! If it doesn’t get published, you are smiling in the dark. Part of our job is to make their job easy. If you do that (with a good story), they will be more likely to help. And then we have media monitoring software to let us know when and where you story gets picked up. Cool, eh?! All part of the service.

We can also provide the PR photography to cover your event or news. We know what kind of photographs journalists like.

This week’s campaign has gone down extremely well. Within minutes of it going out I was contacted by [a local accountancy firm] and have been asked to meet with two of their Partners, plus three other people replied and actually thanked me for sending them the email!

Mark Pilsbury, Stag Capital Finance

The team worked quickly and produced an accurate and interesting Press Release and circulated it to a large number of relevant people. From that we had a lot of coverage in local and national press including an interview on the local radio. The results are better than expected and I will certainly use them again.

– Ian Barnes, Roadrunner Rallies

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