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Social Media

Social media is not just videos of cats falling off chairs…. When done right, it can be the most cost effective form of advertising for a business. We generated over £15,000 of revenue for a spa on Black Friday. Not bad for a £50 investment.

Key 3 Media manages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts 24/7, 365 days a year. Full management, where everything is done for you. What you see publicly on a social media account is just the tip of the iceberg; it is underneath the water where the real work is done. Huge levels of research, planning, auditing and monitoring.

One client summed it up said after three months with us: “I now realise I was just playing at it before. And I have a full appointment diary to prove the difference it makes.”


With years of experience under our belt, three things set our social media work apart from many marketers: time, thought and tone.

  • We devote the time you wish you had to spare to finding great content for your social media. Whether that’s researching engaging articles or designing a branded post, it’s never a rush job.
  • We put thought into the content we find or create. That seems obvious but be aware of marketers who post on autopilot. Is the content actually suitable for your target audience? How does it relate to what’s going on in the world, either locally or globally? Could it reflect negatively on your company? We think from multiple angles to protect you.
  • We adapt to the tone of your business. Every business is unique but our job is to act in place of YOURS. Social media users shouldn’t be able to tell there’s a 3rd party involved. Your company is likely to have a different personality and ethos to your competitors, and this needs to be reflected in your social media. How formal or informal is your language? Would you use emojis? What are the interests of your audience? That’s the level of detail we go into.
24/7 Management

Key 3 Media provides full management. What does that mean for your business? It means:

  • Growing your accounts with relevant followers
  • Establishing / cementing your business as a serious player in the field
  • Positioning yourself as a company that provides a great customer experience
  • Researching and posting high quality, engaging content
  • Sharing any on-site news, photos and videos from your team (we can even arrange visits to gather on-site content ourselves)
  • Organising Facebook Live videos, and Instagram Stories
  • Responding to comments and messages 24/7 365; you don’t want to miss out on a sale because your social media member of staff was on holiday, or sick, or slow to respond
  • Knowing how to talk to people online, whether they are being positive or negative
  • Handling bad reviews and turning them around when possible
  • Tracking optimal times to post
  • Comparing statistics, tweaking, testing and monitoring to get the best results
  • Designing and monitoring various types of Facebook Advertising
Premium Service

Because we pride ourselves on the 24/7 social media service we provide, the line between ‘social media managers’ and ‘full-time marketing consultants’ can become blurred. Clients may start asking for advice relating to other areas of their marketing or other areas of their business in general. They want to “pick our brains” off-the-clock as we have experience across advertising, sales, HR, recruitment… and our directors are business owners themselves.

Again, we will gratefully receive and use any social media content a client sends whether that be an evening, weekend or Public Holiday. We will answer social media questions, But we can’t answer anything else outside of Monday to Friday 9-5. We have to be strict with our time to ensure everyone is looked after as well as achieving balance in our own lives.

However, if a business does want Key 3 Media to act as full-time marketing consultants, it can be accommodated. This is our Premium Service. Clients are welcome to contact us at any time on any day for any advice. Naturally, this service comes at a higher rate.

Facebook Advertising

Even with engaging content, without paying for Facebook Advertising you are unlikely to reach enough people. Facebook is a business, after all, and as well as wanting to preserve the quality of its user experience it wants to make money.

Happily, Facebook Advertising is – for many businesses – highly affordable. And of course its main strength is the volume and depth of user data that Facebook holds. We can create adverts that target specific audiences, whatever your goal may be. This could be based on age, relationship status, interests, propensity to shop, etc. Where else could you do that?! We can even target people who have visited specific pages on your website – remarketing.

After initial set-up, we continue to monitor the statistics and tweak the copy, designs and audience to get you the lowest cost per click. Your adverts could be seen by thousands of the right people for just a couple of pounds a day. This ongoing management is key; the last thing a business should do with an ad is leave it to run unchecked.

We have used Facebook Ads to sell cars. Gym memberships. Financial advice consultations. Legal services. Table bookings. You name it. We advertised one car and it sold within an hour; £1 cost… £18,500 return.

Social Media Speaking

Our Managing Director, Andy, is often asked to speak about social media at various business meetings and conferences.

Depending on the location and predicted number of attendees, Andy is happy to do so free of charge. Spreading the good word, fighting the good fight, whatever you want to call it…. Andy will talk about the practicalities of making social media work for business; knowledge is half of it, but the other half will always be implementation.

Andy was asked to speak at the national conference for an award-winning franchise. 79% of attendees marked his presentation as ‘excellent’. (14.5% as ‘good’ and 6.5% as average, the Philistines.)

If you are interested in having Andy attend one of your events, please call 01743 491356. He has two presentations – half an hour and one hour. Rest assured that neither is Death by Powerpoint.

Social Media Training

Although much of work is the actual management of clients’ social media accounts, some businesses would prefer to do it themselves – they just need to know how.

We run a three-hour workshop on Maximizing Social Media For Your Business. This is where we focus on the “rules”, written and unwritten of social media success. From setting up a Facebook Page to targeted ad campaigns, the level can be tailored to your needs. What works, what doesn’t work, how to take great photos and videos, what business often get wrong… our training covers a lot. We will refer to Facebook much of the time, but the rules apply to all social media.

As the workshop is hands-on, we look for no more than a dozen attendees.

From using Facebook Advertising to recruit members of staff and promote special offers to generating enquiries, their service is 24/7 and an invaluable part of our marketing and customer retention strategies.

– Dave Courteen, Mosaic Spa and Health Club Group

Save yourself a lot of time and effort and engage Andy and the team today. They will make social media work for your business.

– Deb Price, Esthetique Dental

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