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Video for social media

Video marketing has been around for years now but many businesses still miss out on this opportunity to promote their business. It is usually because they are unsure of the technicalities and etiquette or fear of being in front of the camera… or both! But if you take advantage and your competitors don’t, happy days.

We cannot overstate how important online video has become. It is the preferred choice of media, especially if you want to educate people about what you do and offer; 72% of consumers would rather use video to learn about a product or service. [1] Then, if your video interests your target audience, 83% of them would consider sharing it with their friends. [1] And you go viral. Videos can now be showcased pretty much everywhere…. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and of course YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine? [2]

Our editing service includes transcribing and adding captions. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. [3] It is being aware of facts such as this that (we believe) puts Key 3 Media at the forefront of practical marketing.




Google My Business video
Google My Business is a free tool for organisations to get another tick in the Google box. It allows you to list practicalities about your business such as opening hours and location, with the listing appearing in Google’s search results and maps. It is there for the taking but some business still haven’t done theirs. A new feature is the option to tell potential new customers all about your business in a 30-second video.

We can film the 30-second video for you, allowing up to an hour to shoot. We would need to chat on the phone first, to discuss what you’d like to share and to clarify the practicalities such as lighting, noise, background, etc.). Then we will edit the footage for you and top and tail it with on-brand contact details.

One-minute videos
Key 3 Media can produce one-minute videos for you, the perfect length for Facebook and Instagram. One-minute videos can be used multiple times, tailor-made to suit you and your business goals. You could do up to five one-minute videos, each describing a certain service you provide, or videos including ‘meet the team’ and a tour of your premises.

Whichever options you choose, we offer an initial on-site consultation to make sure everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet. What you want, rough scripts, order of filming, etc. This also allows us to give you professional pointers, such as checking what’s in the background. You don’t want us to do a half day’s filming only to realise afterwards that there were confidential papers on display, for example. Re-shoots have to cost extra.

Five-minute videos
A video on your website landing page can increase conversions by 80%! So why limit video to be only on your social media accounts? Videos can serve as built-in tutorials or testimonials, all depending on the angle that you are going for. A five minute video would be more informative and detailed than a one minute video, hence why it would suit more to be on your website or business YouTube account. But it should still be as captivating as a one minute video. With a consultation meeting prior to filming, we will make sure that we are both on the same wavelength for your five minute video so that it is the best product for your website and business.
Half day "Filming for Social Media" workshop
If you realise that video for your business is a sound investment and you want to start filming and editing yourself, Key 3 Media can teach you the techniques to get started. From filming social media videos on your phone to shooting intricate video pieces for your website, we offer a three-hour presentation tutorial and hands-on workshop for your team to learn contemporary filming skills.
One-hour "Getting Serious About Editing" tutorial
If you want to learn about editing in-depth to create more professional-looking videos, we offer an advanced course. This hour-long “crammer” is a one-to-one tutorial rather than a group presentation. You sit with Tara around her iMac and learn the hands-on skills up close and personal; changing sound levels, cutting techniques and more.
Event Photography
We offer professional event photography in Shrewsbury, from festivals to product launches, award shows and seminars. Whether it’s just a couple of hours or a full weekend, our photographer will be on hand to discreetly take stunning images of the action.

As well as the quality of the photographs, Key 3 Media’s service is a reliable one. You can count on us to turn up on time. To go the extra mile. To be courteous to your guests. How we act reflects on you; we understand that.

The team has been invaluable in visiting the showroom and filming videos for us whenever we have a special deal or kitchen to push. They often use these videos in our Facebook Advertising and have got the cost down to just a few pence per engagement.

– Chris Dwyer, The Kitchen Depot

I found Key 3 Media’s video training workshop really useful. It was all about how to take great videos on your phone for social media. And we all know that video is where social media is at.

– Katie Morris, Imagine Spa Shrewsbury

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