In autumn 2017, The Shrewsbury Club – award-winning health & rackets club – embarked on a £1.25 million refurbishment programme. Significant upgrades included renovating the swimming pool and adding a relaxation zone, building a soft play area, updating the café bar, brand new gym equipment and more.

To complement the investment in the club’s facilities for members, the team also wanted a refresh of their brand identity. Not a total overhaul but again a refresh, so we looked at their logo… its colour, style and font.

Choosing Key 3 Media

Key 3 Media was chosen by The Shrewsbury Club for the redesign due to our longstanding marketing relationship with them. Director Andy Rao has known Dave Courteen, the club’s Managing Director, for many years, and in that time Key 3 Media has worked closely with The Shrewsbury Club and Mosaic Spa & Health Clubs, its parent company. So Mr Courteen knew the redesign was in safe hands!

That said, we also like to think that Key 3 Media is a reputable local choice when it comes to design and branding in Shropshire! We understand the market, and what will and won’t work. We deliver on time and on budget and are confident in providing the most responsive service.

A business’s visual identity says huge amounts – consciously and subconsciously – about who you are and what sort of customers you are seeking. And if that branding is carried through all aspects of your marketing, if it is consistent, you are reinforcing that perception.

Discussing the project

Mr Courteen felt that an updated logo could further convey and encapsulate the improved facilities and premier experience The Shrewsbury Club offered. As such, the logo warranted a more contemporary, brighter feel.

Being such a well-established health club, the logo also needed to stay true to their existing ethos and appeal to long-time members. The new club was still “their” club. These were the parameters we had to keep in mind as we began the project.

Designing the logo

When evolving the brand identity of The Shrewsbury Club, it was vital that we anchored the new logo design, keeping it recognisable locally. The club is housed in an iconic building, which of course is familiar to members and nearby residents. Its pointed roof and clock face were part of its old logo, so in most of the initial concepts (but not every single one – it’s always good to give a choice!) we kept the outline of the building to ensure that continuity.

We reduced the size of the word “The” and enlarged “Club” to make it the same size as “Shrewsbury”. For passers-by, people new to the area and members’ partners, it was pivotal that they read “Shrewsbury” and “Club” with equal emphasis. It is a local club, a place that feels like home. Finally, we chose a contemporary sans serif typeface – easy to read with a modern twist.

Practical considerations

With consideration for breadth of usage, it was important that the approved logo was easy to reproduce on signage, uniforms and in print and digital media.

It’s part of our job to not only design a clean, eye-catching logo, but to consider how and where it will be used. A business will naturally want to use their logo everywhere, so it needs to be adaptive. It has to stand out on stationery, different backgrounds, vehicles, posters, banners, clothing, etc.

Your logo will also need to be web-safe. In the past, we’ve seen logos with colours that may be great for print but are not web-safe. What does that mean? In layman’s terms, colours that appear different when viewed on different devices and screens. Again, a key component in successful branding is consistency. A web-safe colour palette will ensure a consistent feel on any monitor, mobile or tablet.

A new look

The result of our redesign was a bright and bold logo that works equally as well at mobile size as it does displayed large on the side of a building. Towards the end of 2017, The Shrewsbury Club began to unveil its new logo in its marketing alongside the fruits of the exciting refurbishment.

Anything could prompt you to update your business’s logo. It may be a change in direction or provision of extra services. Or perhaps it is not translating well onto social media. Sometimes, a business owner just might feel like a change; that’s always good for PR! A new logo will certainly make people take note that you are investing in your brand.

We welcome companies who are looking for a logo redesign to get in touch. Our team can take the best elements of your current design and make it even better. Key 3 Media also offers a full rebranding service, where it really is ‘out with the old, in with the new’. We have created new logos from scratch, brand identities and brand guidelines for multiple businesses.

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