At first glance, Facebook Advertising may look super simple. It can be done with the click of a few buttons and it will only set you back a couple of pounds. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well… it is.

Unfortunately, running a Facebook Ad takes time and effort. If you want to convert your marketing budget into sales, simply clicking the ‘boost’ button won’t cut it. Sure, you’ll get more likes and comments; Facebook Ads present you on a silver platter the opportunity to reach over 2,000 people for £2. However, what boosting may not do is generate profit. So… how does that work? I’m glad you asked…

1) Location, location, location

The placement of your ads is essential. When you boost, there’s no way to tell where your post will actually turn up. It’s clear that ads in a mobile newsfeed are the most effective – they offer less chance for the consumer to skim over any ads. When trialling Facebook Ads yourself, you won’t have any say whether the ad you paid for ends up on the mobile newsfeed, the desktop newsfeed or in the dreaded right-hand column. ‘Banner blindness’ is real. It has swept through the nation and you’re business shouldn’t be the next victim to the right-hand column. Do Facebook Ads right, and you won’t have to worry.

2) Targeting

When you choose to boost a post, you are targeting only three audiences: people who already like your page, their friends and people you chose via targeting. There’s an issue with all three of the above demographics:

A) You may be spending money to appeal to pre-existing fans and customers.

B) You may be aiming to appeal to customer’s friends who may have no related interests.

C) Alternatively, you are using a hugely simplified form of targeting that won’t get you the biggest buck per view. Rather than selecting individuals who are interested in multiple aspects of your business or product (a.k.a. those most likely to click your ads), you are selecting users through limited options.

3) Likes and shares aren’t sales

If you properly optimise a campaign, you will find and target the right kind of people; those who will click on your ads and follow through with a sale. Facebook uses a bunch of sophisticated algorithms to identify people who are similar to those who have already clicked your ad. In other words, you are ensuring you engage the correct people.

If you just boost a post, Facebook simply makes more people see it. Yes, you’ll get likes, shares and comments, but probably not the all-important sales that you’re after. Facebook does want your ads to succeed, of course. We’re not saying they don’t. It’s common sense – if your business enjoys a successful Facebook Ad campaign, you’ll be more likely to increase your spend with them. A shocker, I know! But unless you know your way around the more complex Facebook Ads Manager (and its various targeting tools), you won’t be maximizing your budgets. Even though you “only” spent a tenner on boosting that post, wouldn’t you like your hard-earned money to stretch even further?

Doing ads right

Facebook Advertising is highly cost-effective for a large number of sectors. But to take full advantage, you want to be targeting a wider audience of people who are most likely to engage with the services / products you offer. We are massive fans of Facebook Advertising and have gotten amazing results for clients. But following Facebook’s January 11th announcement that business pages which don’t create engaging content or abuse their Ts & Cs will struggle to appear in people’s newsfeeds, it’s even more crucial to know what you’re doing. As well as engaging organic content on your page, this means paying for Facebook Advertising. It will pretty much be compulsory for SMEs if you want any level of true success rather than vanity. All we are saying is – don’t just indiscriminately chuck money at Facebook. Location, demographic, age and gender targeting are all factors that will help you to narrow your ad and get more clicks from relevant users.

Here at Key 3 Media, we like to think we know our stuff, and have perfected the use of Facebook Ads for businesses. Whatever your end goal, we can help. We constantly monitor and amend ad campaigns through Ads Manager to ensure you end up with the lowest costs per click from the right people, rather than just indiscriminately ‘boosting’ posts.

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