With our recent office expansion and taking on more staff, we thought it was time for a website relaunch. Key 3 Media now offers more marketing services than before and, as we progress with the ever-changing digital world, we felt it was time for a branding and website refresh.

At your service

Our new website includes the growing list of services clients can now benefit from. There is professional video and photography (thanks to the addition of videographer, Tara), PR and extra Google-related shizzle – more on the latter soon! The ‘Services’ page is categorised, so you can easily find your way around and see what could be the most suitable for your requirements. Whether it’s website design or Google Adwords, you’ll find detailed information.

You can read more about all our marketing offerings here.

The technical stuff

The new website layout is dynamic and streamlined. It looks rather good on mobile, too (even if we do say so ourselves!); this is crucial. more important than ever – for both Google and the end user. Mobile web browsing surpassed desktop browsing back in 2016. [1]

If your website doesn’t render properly on a mobile, many of your visitors will bounce straight off. You want your website to be sticky. Keep people there, interest them, have a clean layout rather than a confusing one and make it simple for them to get in touch or buy. A functioning website that can be found is great, but so is converting visits into enquiries. Key 3 Media provides a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service but we will always advise on the website structure and content first. Again, getting traffic is just half the battle.

The Key 3 Media logo also underwent a refresh – a makeover, if you will, introducing cleaner lines and brightening the colours up with the introduction of purple. It’s the new black, you know…. The design reflects the contemporary nature of marketing while maintaining our signature green. We wanted a little bit of the old design to stay with us on our future journey.

In with the new

Our team has expanded again this year with marketing superstars Jenny and Tara coming onboard. As much as we loved our old office, we sadly outgrew it. Three wonderful years, full of hard work, laughter and dodgy music. The bigger premises we moved into has a large open plan office plus two meeting rooms. One of them is mahoosive – perfect for holding our social media workshops. Our contact details haven’t changed as we’re still in the same building – only now we’re on the ground floor. It’s much easier on the legs.

The website contains lots of updated team photos and bios, so you can learn more about the people behind the screen.

Why blogging is fundamental

Key 3 Media has always been a proponent of regular blogging. Despite the popularity of videos and cool tools such as Instagram Stories, blogging / old fashioned writing is still beneficial to businesses. Blogs help by keeping customers informed and up-to-date with news as well as showcasing the company’s experience in their industry. We have to practice what we preach, so we’ll be blogging on our new site more often too!

A blog is superb for SEO too. We advise most businesses to get blogging, but only if they feel they can research, write and upload a new article once a month minimum. If your last story was written six months ago, it could do more harm than good. Everything you do, you want to show people that you do it properly. Time is usually the barrier, so it’s about being honest and making a commitment – as long as you see the value in it.

If you need help with a new blog or website or you’d like to give your current one a refresh, please call us on 01743 491356 or visit our website.


[1] https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/11/01/mobile-web-usage-overtakes-desktop-for-first-time/