A story that inspired us…

Andy offered Key 3 Media’s support to children’s author, Sarah Griffiths after seeing her post on LinkedIn. After reading how she was seeking sponsorship for her new story project, he knew we could help.

Impressed by her commitment to helping children with her new book, he immediately offered support. It was a great opportunity to work alongside, a talented local author and also promote her inspirational story ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’. The book focuses on the importance of transforming children’s self-esteem and confidence.

The Key 3 Media team are passionate about helping charities and causes in our local community. We feel it’s important that businesses offer whatever support they are able to locally. This is why Andy offered to promote ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ and help Sarah raise awareness around the growing issue of children suffering with mental health.

What’s it all about?

‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ focuses on building self-esteem in children. The idea being that it will improve their confidence and well-being as they grow. The subject of mental health is a sensitive issue in schools but it’s important that children have an awareness of how they see and value themselves.

The book is aimed at children aged 3-11 but is a story that parents, guardians and teachers can learn from and discuss with children.

Sarah believes that achieving positive self-esteem at a young age is significant. Especially when it comes to how children go on to cope with stressful situations in later life.

Sarah’s solution

The important message behind ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ is that every child deserves to feel good about themselves. Which is why Sarah is seeking sponsorship for the story project, so she can raise more awareness around the subject.

The new book will be available to buy from November 2018. In addition, 10% of funds will be donated to the charity Partnership for Children. The charity is particularly important to Sarah as they promote the mental health and emotional well-being of children around the world.

We are honoured to have the opportunity to support such a beneficial project and help Sarah to improve the lives of young children.

If you would like to find out more about ‘Sophie’s Spectacles’ please click here.



K3M with Sarah Griffiths