As web designers with a whole raft of websites under our belts, our platform of choice is WordPress. Clients often ask us why. “What about bespoke?” some ask. We assure them that each website we design is indeed unique but it is built on an open source Content Management System, i.e. WordPress. This means their website not only looks good but it is easily transferable should they ever wish to leave. Having a website built on an in-house, bespoke CMS might sound cool but you should also be aware that you will be tied in with that web designer and often unable to make changes yourself – hence a nasty bill every time you want something changed.

(I should stress that – touch wood – Key 3 Media has still never had a web design client move elsewhere. But should that day come, it will be an easy transfer at no cost. We like to be open and honest about that.)

We could go on and on about how WordPress allows us to build fully customisable websites, how its interface is user-friendly, and how much Google loves a good, clean WordPress site, etc. But sometimes numbers are far more effective at getting a message across. So here are ten statistics about WordPress that we think speak for themselves:

1.     28.2% of the world’s websites use WordPress

Considering there is an estimated 644 million websites in the world, 28.2% is a pretty big chunk. (So you don’t have to do the maths, that’s over 180 million WordPress websites and counting).

2.     WordPress is the most popular CMS at 59.1% market share

In fact, according to W3Techs, if you narrow the field from all websites to those whose content management systems we actually know about, WordPress is used by 51.9%! The second choice is Joomla, lagging way behind at just 7%.

3.     More than 2 million new WordPress domains are registered every year

A survey from 2015 showed that between January and July, in just six months, WordPress was responsible for the addition of 1.1 million new domains. As time goes on, that number will only grow.

4.     WordPress is the CMS chosen by 30.3% of the top 1,000 websites

The New York Times, TechCrunch, Wired… these are some of the big names that use WordPress. A third of the top 1,000 might not seem that impressive, until you realise that using an off-the-shelf CMS isn’t common among big businesses. Most of the top 1000 are custom developments due to their large size and requirements.

5.     WordPress is available in 73 languages

The WordPress translation page reveals there are 73 languages over 90% fully available, thanks to dedicated teams. The total number of available locales is 169, and it surely won’t be too long before these are completed as well.

6.     People visit WordPress more often than Twitter

Twitter is the fourth most popular social media site in the world, so its visitor numbers are no joke. Despite this, WordPress gets around 179 million unique visitors every month in the US, compared to Twitter’s 97 million. We know popularity isn’t everything but there’s a trend starting to form….

7.     WordPress 4.8 has been downloaded over 4 million times

The latest version of the CMS was released at the start of June 2017. At time of writing, there have been well over 4 million downloads, and the number just keeps rising. The counter is quite something to see:

8.     20 new WordPress posts are added every second

It’s hard to know for sure but, watching the live activity [], around 20 new posts are popping up every second across the world. That’s a lot of new webpages!

9.     Akismet has blocked over 100 billion spam comments

WordPress security is managed by Akismet, which is also the platform’s more popular plugin. The Akismet statistics say that the number of spam comments made in one month is 24 times higher than real comments. Thankfully WordPress has super tough spam protection on its side with Akismet, which is able to fend off 99% of the spam.

10.  WordPress solves 80% – 90% of Google’s crawling issues

Crawl errors can prevent your pages from appearing in Google search results. WordPress is able to take care of 80% – 90% of these issues, meaning a site built on the platform is capable of ranking much higher in search results. We’re a big fan of anything SEO-friendly.


Would you like us to work our WordPress magic for your business? We offer a free audit of your current website, no matter what platform it has been built on, to see how we could help. Feel free to call us on 01743 491356 or email


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