Ah, work experience. Finding someone who will take you on for a week of learning can be a pretty exhausting task. As a 17-year old trying to find her way into journalism, getting a work placement looked like it was going to be a mammoth task. Most newspapers and magazines won’t even glance at your email if you’re under 18. I had to get creative. Where could I go that’s related to journalism that would take on a mere teenager? I’ve always been interested in design and writing.… Naturally I turned my head to marketing.

How I ended up here

I emailed Key 3 Media with my fingers crossed. After stalking their website it looked like everything they did was right up my street. The next day I got an email back from Andy, praising my CV and well-written email. He asked me to come in for a meeting with Louise to have a chat about a potential week of work experience. So, I did. It went well. Now I’m sat in the office on the final day of my placement with a bit of a heavy heart knowing that I’ll have to leave (sounds soppy, but it’s genuine, I promise!).

Holidays and Technology

My first job when I got here on Monday morning was to write a blog post about winter events in Shrewsbury. I won’t lie, I was a little scared. I gave it my best shot though and apparently, what I did was pretty good. Over the course of the week, I gained so much confidence in my writing abilities through the constant words of encouragement and advice from the team. From holidays to technology, I feel like I’ve blogged about it all this week! I can definitely say that I can walk out of this experience knowing how to write more effectively for businesses.

So… What’s next?

The whole week taught me so much. Sure, I enjoyed blogging before I came here, but now I know some of the “tricks of the trade” and how to write from a commercial point of view. You have to put yourself in the client’s potential customers’ shoes. What will interest them? What’s the hook? What’s in it for them, basically? Andy and Louise talked lots about Features vs Benefits.

I also got involved in some graphic design work. I had dabbled in design but certainly hadn’t produced anything for companies or social media accounts. I’d barely even come across Google AdWords yet now I’ve got a basic knowledge of how to set up an AdWords campaign. It was a varied week!

This experience has given me the marketing bug. I’m still hoping to head off to uni next year to study journalism. The thing is, journalism and marketing cross over in so many places. That’s why, once I’ve finished my degree, I know marketing will always be there, waiting for me to come back to it.

I really do want to thank the team at Key 3 Media for being the loveliest bunch of folks. You’ve all been so welcoming and friendly. The kindness you have shown me has given me so much faith in myself and my abilities. Thank you. You’re all flippin’ great.